Ye Olde Eddy Burial Ground

The Eddy Burial Ground in Swansea was established as early as 1687, twenty years after the town was established. The earliest known burial belongs to Samuel Eddy. There are two other Eddy burial grounds elsewhere in Swansea: Eddy Cemetery and Eddy Cemetery.


A sign on Ledge Road points to the cemetery which is located about 1/4 mile at the end of the road that begins across from Swansea Town Hall.


The cemetery overlooks the north end of the Lee River into which Lewin Brook flows from the dam at Main Street and Hortonville Road.


Gravestones for Ruth Eddy and Alathea Sisson display classic 17th century designs.


A plaque honors the memory of Zachariah Eddy, one of the first purchasers of Swansea, who set aside the land for the cemetery for his parents, Samuel and Elizabeth Eddy,who arrived in Plymouth on the Handmaid in 1630.


Click here for a list of all Swansea cemeteries including the Eddy, listed as #16, Town Hall.

The cemetery is located east of the former Swan Finishing Company parking lot at the end of Ledge Road and on the bank of the Coles River. Ledge Road begins across Main Street from Swansea Town Hall and Library.

Click on the map below for a Google satellite map of the cemetery location off of Ledge Road.