Winslow Point at Peace Haven where Winslow, Metacom and Weetamoe likely crossed the Taunton River

Winslow Point (above and below) in Assonet, MA on the east side of the Taunton River is the likely place that Pilgrim Edward Winslow likely crossed the River in July, 1621 on his way from Plymouth to Sowams, the home of the Massasoit Ousamequin. In July, 1675, King Philip and Queen Weetamoo crossed from here as they escaped from Col. Benjamin Church after the outbreak of the conflict known as King Philip’s War. Weetamoo drowned in the River in an attempt to escape capture near the end of the War on August 3, 1676. Her body was found on the western shore of the River. Click here for a one-and-a-half-minute video of crossing the River. Click here and scroll down for a  Preservation Massachusetts news release dated September 18, 2009.


(Click on the map above for a larger image) Winslow Point can be seen across the River from Waterfront Park in Somerset. It can only be reached by boat as the Point is on private land with no public access by road.


From the Point, the Somerset shore can be seen about a half mile away across the River.  The Pokanoket Tribe was known to leave mashoons (hollowed out log boats) on both sides to provide transportation for anyone crossing.


The land on either side of the Point is known as Peace Haven, a 600-acre site just north of Fall River’s northern boundary. An archaeological investigation by Roy Athearn in the 1950s identified many artifacts associated with Native American use. It was used as a dairy farm through the colonial era until the Algonquin Gas facility was constructed in the 20th century. The area is now part of the Wild and Scenic River designation of the Taunton River by U.S. Congress.


The area has been continuously inhabited for at least 10,000 years. Seventy years ago, archaeologist Roy Athearn and his associates found Paleo-Indian settlements here from that period, and many articles about the site have been published in the Journal of the Massachusetts Archaeological Society and other journals. Some of the artifacts from the site can be seen at the Somerset Historical Society.

Click here for a one-and-a-half-minute video of crossing the River.

Click here and scroll down for a report by Green Futures on the importance of preserving Winslow Point and Peace Haven.

Click here for a page and short video on Conspiracy Island half a mile north on the River.