Warren Conservation Land Trust properties

While much of the shoreline in the Sowams Heritage Area has been privately acquired and built upon, several parcels in the Town of Warren have been preserved essentially as they were 400 years ago by the Warren Conservation Land Trust.


Jacobs Point in South Warren runs between the East Bay Bicycle Path and Narragansett Bay and reveals a natural salt marsh environment reserved for the wildlife that inhabits the area.


The Warren Land Conservation Trust has installed platforms for osprey as well as nesting bottles for purple martins who have returned to the area.


Recently acquired land along the eastern shore of the Palmer River in North Warren has greatly expanded shoreline land that has changed little in the past 400 years.

Click here for pictures of a trail clearing project along the Palmer River.

Click here for a Google Map of the two land trust properties.

The Land Trust property in North Warren can be accessed behind the former FedEx building on New Industrial Way off of Old Market Street.

Jacobs Point can be accessed from the East Bay Bicycle Path just north of the Bristol Town line.