Warren Conservation Land Trust names Sowams Meadows Preserve

On April 14, 2021, the Warren Land Conservation Trust honored the rich history of the land and the inspiring story of the survival and perseverance of the Pokanoket people by naming over 26 acres of valuable wetland habitat along the Palmer River in Warren, RI. the Sowams Meadows Preserve

Trust officers Rock Singewald and Jenny Flannagan install a sign marking the land along Market Street (Route 136) in Warren. The Land Trust properties include large tracts of salt marsh meadows that are described and included in the 1653 deed through which the Massasoit transferred a large tract of land to the settlers from Plymouth. (see Baker, pp. 21-24)

The property that was donated to the Trust also includes a small unoccupied house and barn that will be put on the market to raise funds for the Land Trust.

The west side of the property consists of a small wooded area that extends out to Belcher’s Cove off the Palmer River. That portion contained salt marsh hay that was valued by the early colonists as a source of winter feed for their farm animals. The Land Trust property along Route 136 in Warren is outlined in red on the above map.

Click here for a three-minute drone video of the property by Grace Barker Health.