Warren cider works is now named after Sowams, the original name of the town

Spencer Morris named his company in Warren, RI the Sowams Cider Works after the original 17th century name for where he is located. It is also the name of the ancient settlement of the Pokanoket Tribe who was led by their Massasoit, Ousamequin, in 1620 when the English Separatists arrived in Plymouth. Click here for a six-minute video of Spencer made on July 29, 2022.

Spencer runs his business, which he started in 2018, at 98 Child Street in downtown Warren where he presses and bottles a variety of cider beverages. He also has an assortment of fresh apples for sale from August thru December for fresh eating & baking.

Spencer maintains his own orchard on Long Lane in Warren where he is often seen tending to the approximately 800 trees he grows.

Spencer also keeps bees at his orchard and sells his honey at his store. An article by Ethan Shorey in the Valley Breeze tells more of the story of his business.