Tyler Point Cemetery

In 1680, following the King Philip War, a meetinghouse’s location was changed from Nockum Hill to what was then called “a place of trade” and is today called Tyler Point on New Meadow Neck. A cemetery, now at the end of Tyler Point Road, was established in 1702 adjacent to this second Baptist meetinghouse. The center of settlement shifted easterly to Brooks Pasture, platted in 1682, that became the Town of Warren in 1747. Moses Tyler, a Boston shipbuilder inherited the east shore of the point from his father-in-law, Edward Luther, in the 1750s and developed a shipyard, giving Tyler Point its name.


The earliest graves in the town of Barrington include an unmarked one for .Hugh Cole who was buried here after the King Philip War.


Rev. John Myles moved the Baptist Church here from Nockum Hill in 1667. It’s not certain where his grave is located.


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