Three sisters garden planted at Hunt’s Mills

Girl Scout Katie Gregory and East Providence Historical Society board members Nancy Moore and Dotty Thornley look over the corn that has begun to grow in their Three Sisters garden in early June at Hunts Mills Community Garden. Pokanoket Tribe member Elsie “Napauz” Upshaw has been guiding the group in their planting. Click here for a six-minute video.

(Above) Nancy Moore gets ready to water some of the plants as eleven-year-old Katie Gregory of Girl Scout Troop 447 tends to some of the corn plants that she planted three weeks earlier.

Katie’s father, Tom Gregory, talks with Nancy Moore before she pours some fertilizer for Katie to sprinkle over the plants.

Tom talks with EPHS Treasurer Dotty Thornley about a science project that Katie is doing about the effect of talking to plants in positive and negative ways. The rest of the Community Garden is going great.

And, here’s how the three-sisters garden looks in mid-July!

Click here and here to see how the Community Garden was put together.