The Roger Williams Study Group at Smith’s Castle

The Roger Williams Study Group, organized by Marc Kohler, has been meeting for the past two years to explore the life and work of Roger Williams. Rogers was a theologian, a politician, and trading post operator. “The more know we about him, the better we would all feel about the creation of our ‘Lively Experiment’, Rhode Island,” commented Kohler. Click the photos below of four people who spoke about Williams on June 10, 2021 at Smith’s Castle in Kingston, RI.

Dawn Williams spoke about Roger Williams’ genealogy and introduced people to the Roger Williams Family Association. She is President of the Association.

Noted author, historian and Director of Smith’s Castle Robert Geake spoke about reexamining Roger Williams’ experience with indentured servants.

Aspiring script writer, Tyler Grimes, is working on a video project about Roger Williams and offered her ideas about what she has learned about him the would work well in a dramatic series.

Marc Kohler spoke about the many new things that he has learned about Roger Williams. Marc tries to inspire greater knowledge and appreciation for Williams through his tireless pursuit of Williams’ past and influence.