The Pokanoket Tribe opens the 9/11 ceremony at the Warren Town Wharf

Members of the Pokanoket Tribe/Pokanoket Nation were invited to open the /911 Memorial Ceremony held again this year at the Warren, Rhode Island Town Wharf. The annual event recognizes the men and women who perished in the attacks on New York City, Pennsylvania and Washington, DC twenty-one years ago. Click here for a 15-minute video of the event.

(Above, left) Tribe member White Owl and Sachem Dancing Star are introduced by emcee Warren Harbor Commissioner Woody Kemp. (Above, right) Rainbow Heart, Snow Owl and Dancing Star offer a Pokanoket honor song to those lost on 9/11.

(Above) Dancing Star offers a reading from the New Testament and a prayer before fire and police officials bow for a moment of silence before a wreath is laid in the Warren River behind them.

(Above) First Class Boy Scout Benjamin Siegel reads the closing benediction following the presentation of the colors.