The Pokanoket Tribe on YouTube video

There are dozens of videos about the Pokanoket Tribe on YouTube. They can be found simply by typing “Pokanoket” in the search bar above any YouTube page. The following is a selection of some of the best ones covering a range of topics:

  Winds of Thunder interviewed by White Eagle in 2015 (18 minutes)

Winds of Thunder gives a one-minute history of the Pokanoket Tribe in 2016

Winds of Thunder talks about the occupation of Brown University land in 2018 (1 minute)

  Winds of Thunder at the march on Brown University in 2018 (3 minutes)

The Pokanoket Tribe protesting at the Brown University commencement in 2019 (5 minutes)

A short history of the Seat of Metacom by Ray “Two Hawks” Watson in 2018 (6 minutes)

The Pokanoket Tribe at the Barrington Interfaith Partners event in 2019 (1 hour)