The Kickemuit River in 17th century Sowams

The Kickemuit River ends at the Narrows in Bristol, RI, the site that was occupied by the Pokanoket Tribe for at least 7,000 years because of the abundance of seafood available at that location. Click here for a six-minute video about the Kickemuit River.


Fresh water enters the salt water of Mount Hope Bay above dam at Child Street in Warren, RI, the location of a trading post established there in 1632 and farms located there after a 1653 land purchase from the Massasoit Osamequin.


(Above, left) A stream runs through the Waypoyset Preserve at the mouth of the Kickemuit River, where a settlement of Pokanoket people existed for thousands of years. (Above, right) Chase Cove off of the Kickemuit River enters the Touisset Wildlife Reserve, an area once used by the Massasoit Osamequin.


The Broken Bridge at the north end of the saltwater portion of the River in Warren once carried railroad tracks from Fall River. The headwaters of the River can be found where it crosses under Route 6 in Swansea near Columbus Oil.

Click on the map above for information on accessing the River by boat or kayak and more on the history of the River.

Click here for a six-minute video about the Kickemuit River.

Click here for more about the Waypoyset Preserve.