The history of the East Indian Company: 1600-1757

The city of London has been the center of Britain’s economic and commercial activity for centuries, and to this day many of the largest and wealthiest companies in the world locate their headquarters in the nation’s capital. However, none of these modern businesses can compare to what was undoubtedly the most powerful multinational corporation the world has ever seen. Click here for a 16-minute YouTube video posted on January 25, 2023.

Established over 400 years ago, the East India Company, from it’s headquarters on Leadenhall Street, would rise from humble beginnings as a trading company for voyages to India; to effectively becoming the de facto state government of the entire Southeast Asian sub-continent.

During it’s heyday, the Company would surpass the strength and wealth of even the mightiest nation states, and with it’s own private armies, would push aside the long established native dynasties of India, seizing control of their territories for itself.

All this would be achieved by maintaining an iron grip on the most valuable trade routes in the world, which generated staggering amounts of wealth for it’s employees and shareholders.