The Birth of an American Town ~ Episode 1

In this first installment of a three-part documentary series telling the story of the formation of the Town of Sudbury, Massachusetts in the 17th century, we meet both the indigenous inhabitants of the Musketaquid valley and the Puritan immigrants of the English ship Confidence – two very different peoples on a fateful collision course. Click here for the 41-minute Episode One video presentation posted on August 27, 2023. Click here for Episode 2.

(Above) The narration begins by pointing out some of the Town’s historic locations, including the site of the first meetinghouse from 1638, the Unitarian Universalist Church from 1640, and the display of Indigenous artifacts in the Town Hall, pictured below.

(Above, left) The display in Town Hall includes Indigenous artifacts dating as far back over 4,000 years. (Above, center and right) A monument to those killed in the Battle of Sudbury on April 21, 1676 during what was called King Philip’s War stands at the Town Center, and one street is named for the Pokanoket Tribe who led the rebellion in 1675-1676.

(Above, left) A map locates the original settlement of Musketahquid on the border between the Nipmuc and Massachusetts nations. (Above, center and right) Settlers from the Town of Watertown decided to establish a new town south of theirs despite encountering hostilities from the Indigenous populations during King Philip’s War.