Terror and Slaughter in New England: The Pequot War and The Making of Colonial New England​

In his second video in the earliest large-scale conflicts between Native Americans and European colonists in North America, Dave Roberts talks about the Pequot nation, their contacts with English colonists, their monopolization of the North American fur trade, the war that eventually broke out between the Pequot and the colonists, and the genocide they suffered at the hands of the English. Click here for the 30-minute video from July 12, 2023.

Roberts begins with the Pequots fight for dominance of the fur trade and their eventual take-over of wampum production. He then mentions the impact of the Great Colonial Hurricane of 1635 on the Pequots.

The Pequot War begins with the killing of John Oldham. John Endecott then leads a failed raid on the Pequot on Block Island in 1636 before the massacre on Fort Mystic in 1637 kills over 400 men, women and children.

Sachem Sassacus led 400 warriors and refugees to take refuge with the Mohawks, but John Mason defeats him in the Fairfield Swamp Fight, thus ending the Pequot War. Remaining Pequots were enslaved and shipped to the Caribbean or became household slaves in English households.