Survival Boston: 1630-1635

Survival: Boston 1630 to 1635 explores the story of the first, dangerous year, when nearly half the original Puritans either died or fled back to England and how, by 1635, they combined their collective skills and religious beliefs to build Boston and create New England against daunting odds. Click here for the 62-minute YouTube video by the Partnership of Historic Bostons.

A map of early Boston (click here to enlarge) shows the initial places in the settlement and the configuration of the land.

The State House on Beacon Hill is the first stop for the video walking tour. (Above) A diagram outlines how land was divided in England into three common areas owned by a single landlord who gave each renter a ten-acre strip.

Conditions in England prior to 1630 included religious persecution that inspired people to leave for New England from three places in England outlined in the map above.

The borders of the Mass Bay Colony encompassed a large area around present-day Boston. (Above) some of the initial shelters built during the first year followed the example of Native American wetu construction.

This event is presented by Partnership of Historic Bostons. PHB, a nonprofit volunteer organization founded in 1999, celebrates the extraordinary legacy of the Puritan founders of Boston and New England, and preserves their unique historical connection to Boston, England. All are welcome to our free Charter Day walking tours, lectures, events, and discussions.