Sowams painting on display in Warren bookstore

This historical painting scene above (click on it for a larger image) depicts a visit to Massasoit Ousamequin’s Pokanoket Village in Sowams (now Warren) in October by Quaboag Nipmuc Great Sachem Nadawahunt and his family, all kin of Ousamequin on his mother’s side. Paniese (warrior-protectors and counselors) from both tribes keep close watch over the leaders and their families. The Pokanoket villagers will celebrate the arrival of their Massasoit’s guests and be treated to many gifts of food they bring, which are always shared with the community. Click here for a descriptive booklet. Click here for the article about it in the April 28, 2021 Warren Times.

As Paris and Ruth Major hold the painting in front of the Ink Fish Bookstore in downtown Warren, Pokanoket Sagamore William “Winds of Thunder” Guy takes a close look as Sachem Tracey “Dancing Star” Brown and others applaud.

Ryan “Winter Hawk” Brown gets some video footage of the event while Sowams Heritage Area Project Coordinator Dave Weed, Jay Barry Cultural Arts member Ethel Carey, Warren Preservation Society Treasurer Tony Guida, Sagamore William Guy, Artist Ruth Major and Sachem Tracey Brown pose for a photo in front of Ink Fish Bookstore.

The painting will be on display in the window of the bookstore during May and June, 2021, and will then circulate among a variety of other places throughout the Sowams Heritage Area.

Artist Ruth Major examines the historic marker at Burr’s Hill that includes a portrait of the Massasoit Ousamequin that has been on display at the George Hail Library where she posed for a photo with Library Director Pat Redfearn.