Sowams historic marker dedicated at the Newman Congregational Church

Betsy and Harry Chapin (left) celebrate the dedication of the Sowams Heritage Area historic marker with Roaming Coyote (right), across Newman Avenue from the Newman Congregational Church in East Providence, RI on October 2, 2022. The marker is part of a series of markers placed at the Congregational Church in Bristol, Mt. Hope Farm, the Royal Pokanoket Burial Ground in Warren, and the site of the outbreak of the King Philip War in Warren, RI. Click here for a 20-minute video of the Church service that preceded the dedication, and click here for a 15-minute video of the historic marker dedication ceremony that followed.

(Above) Pokanoket Sagamore William “Winds of Thunder” Guy and Sachem Tracey “Dancing Star” Brown enter the Church prior to the worship service under the guidance of Minister of Music Geoffrey Greene.

Congregants gather as Senior Pastor Timoth Sylvia welcomes them and the members of the Pokanoket Tribe who preformed a traditional Algonquin thanksgiving song, Azabache Wooni.

(Above) Sachem Harry “Hawk” Edmonds recites a traditional tobacco prayer before Darlene “Rainbow Warrior” Spencer sings a thanksgiving song before drummers on the Heartbeat of the Pokanoket Drum close the dedication ceremony accompanied by Herbert “Shining Star” Tilson with upraised hands.