Sowams Heritage Area presented to Whaling Museum volunteers

New Bedford Whaling Museum Volunteer Penny Aymie invited Dr. David Weed, Coordinator of the Sowams Heritage Area Project, to present a 45-minute talk about to the volunteers who work at the Museum the 17th century history of Sowams, the area that lies to the west of New Bedford . Click here for the 45-minute presentation given on March 6, 2023.

(Above) Penny introduces Dr. Weed who gave his talk to approximately 40 Museum volunteers during one of their training sessions held at the Museum.

(Above) Dr. Weed noted that the Pokanoket Tribe (not the Wampanoag) was the leader of over 60 tribes in Southeastern Massachusetts in the early 17th century. Bartholomew Gosnold was the first European to attempt a settlement on Cuttyhunk Island in 1602.

(Above, left) The 400th anniversary of Edward Winslow’s first visit to Sowams on July 3, 1621 was celebrated in Warren. (Above, center, click on graphic to enlarge) The area that became Acushnet, Dartmouth, Fairhaven, New Bedford and Westport was purchased in 1652 from the Massasoit Ousamequin, (Above, right) During King Philip’s War a group of Native Americans surrendered their weapons and sought refuge at the Russell Garrison site, now in Dartmouth.