Sowams Heritage Area presented at the Squantum Association

Sowams Heritage Area Project Coordinator Dr. David Weed (below, right) gave a presentation to the Squantum Association in East Providence about the history of the Sowams Heritage Area on February 27, 2022. Click here for a 52-minute video of his talk.

The Association was named for Squanto or Tisquantum who served as translator between the English Separatists and the Massasoit Ousamequin in March of 1621 when a treaty was struck that lasted for forty years. (Above, left) Squantum Association Board Member Brian Sadler welcomes the audience and introduces Dr. Weed.

(Above) Weed began his presentation by explaining that Sowams was in what today is Warren, RI, forty miles from Plymouth.

(Above) The six points of the treaty are described above as well as a description of the first English settlement in this area around the Newman Church in East Providence in 1643.

(Above) Weed concluded his remarks by introducing today’s Pokanoket Tribe and telling the audience how they can find much more about the Sowams Heritage Area either on their computer or their smart phone by going to