Sowams Heritage Area featured at Watchemoket Square Day in East Providence

The Sowams Heritage Area was one of three featured subjects at the annual Watchemoket Square Day event at Tockwatton on the Waterfront in East Providence on September 30, 2018.

Dr. Weed presented a brief overview of the Sowams Heritage Area with a focus on the development of India Point in Providence and Bold Point in East Providence starting in the late 1600s.


East Providence Historical Society Co-chair Nancy Moore poses for a photo with “Count Rumford” she introduces Pam Sherrell and Bill Fazioli of the East Providence Waterfront District who talk about plans for waterfront development..


Dr. Weed leads a half-hour discussion about the Sowams Heritage Area and points out the how Providence developed in the 17th century.


Dr. Weed describes how India Point was named for the early trade with the East and West Indies. An artist rendering of India Point done in 1800 shows the first bridge to East Providence at India Point. Click on the picture for a larger view.


Sowams Heritage Area Steering Committee member Doug Blum puts together a display about Sowams outside the Tockwatton building.