Southern New England Tribes and sacred sites

This is the official Trailer of New England Indians and places of our ancestors told by local Tribal members of Eastern Algonquin Tribes in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. This was produced , filmed, and edited by Black Eagle Productions LLC, a Native American & Veteran owned company, on September 13, 2021.

The area in which the tribes are located are shown on a map produced by Lisa Brooks and includes the lands of the Pokanoket and Pocasset Tribes. (Above, center and right) Pocasset Chief Daryl “Black Eagle” Jamieson and Pokanoket Sagamore Bill “Winds of Thunder” Guy introduce themselves in the video.

(Above) Dean “Running Deer” Robinson of the Narraganset Tribe performs a Calumet Pipe Dance; Arty “Red Medicine” Crippen of the Shinnecuck Tribe stands in the center photo; and Pocasset Chief Black Eagle drums.

Tom of the Chappiquiddic Tribe talks about their history, and Arty “Red Medicine” Crippin talks about the the tradition of the Medicine Circle (center) that both continue to practice.

Click here for a video of a performance by the Eastern Medicine Singers featuring some of the people describe above.