Sagamore Winds of Thunder opens anti-racism rally in Barrington

(Above) Pokanoket Sagamore Winds of Thunder (William Guy) of Barrington opens the anti-racism rally in front of Town Hall by talking about how the Massasoit Ousamequin welcomed people of different races from England to the New World. Click here for a 13-minute video of his remarks and brief statements from the speakers. Click here for the Channel 10 report of the incident and the rally. Click here for the Providence Journal article.


(Above) The Sagamore speaks before Jessica Garcia addresses the crowd of about 100 people gathered in front of the Barrington Town Hall.

(Above) Katherine Quinn and Mel Bynum express their outrage at the racist remarks that have often made in the town.

(Above) Barrington resident Ndeye Diallo from Senegal and Town Manager James Cunha talk about the need to confront racism in Barrington.

Click here for the Sagamore’s remarks and brief statements from the speakers.