Sacred Circle Monument at Massasoit Park in Warren, RI

The historic marker (seen above, click here to enlarge) describes a sacred circle monument of stones, each marked with symbols from Native American tribes in New England and described in the marker. A painting of a Pokanoket winter settlement and photos of the installation of the Massasoit Spring nearby are at the bottom of the marker.

The marker sits in front of a tot lot playground at the corner of Water and Baker Streets near downtown Warren, RI. The park was created in the 1990s with the help of Native women Rose Lewis, Strong Woman and Moondancer, and the marker was placed in 2021.

(Above) A whale symbol is inscribed on the West boulder, and a wolf symbol is inscribed on the North boulder.

(Above, left) Pokanoket Tribe members Harry “Hawk” Edmonds, Sagamore Winds of Thunder, and Lee “Brave Heart” Edmonds examine the marker. (Above, right) A couple and their child stop at the marker in front of the wetu on Water Street in front of the Baker Street Playground just south of theĀ Wharf Tavern. A wetu used for an event in 2021 stands behind it in the park.