Roger Williams presented at a Lifelong Learning session at the RI State House

As part of an eight-week Lifelong Learning Collaborative series, Catherine Hurst offered a 40-minute presentation on Roger Williams at the Rhode Island State House Library on July 14, 2023. Click here for a 44-minute recording of her presentation and some of the discussion that followed.

(Above) Catherine and other members of the class first looked over the exhibit of Roger Williams’ artifacts in the Charter Museum on the first floor of the State House.

The presentation began with some background on Williams’ life in London before he came to Plymouth Colony in 1631 and then moved to what became today’s Providence. The John Brown House Museum has a display that includes an apple tree root said to have grown in the shape of a man from Williams’ gravesite.

Catherine led a discussion with the class members who each had their own recollections of what they had learned about Roger Williams when they grew up.