Roger Williams Family Association tours the RI State House

Volunteer Tour Guide Tony Morettini led a 90-minute tour of the Rhode Island State House for members of the Roger Williams Family Association on June 25, 2021. Click here for a 17-minute video of the tour.

Association members listened intently as Tony described how the State Senate and Legislature meets to deliberate the bills that come before them. The General Assembly first met on June 12, 1775. Rhode Island became the first colony of what would soon be the future United States to legally leave the British Empire.

A mural decorates the interior of the State House dome depicting Roger Williams meeting with Canonicus of the Narragansett Tribe whom he paid for the land upon which he founded Providence. The group met in the rotunda below the dome to hear more from Tony about the early history of the State.

Ann Crocker examined the original Charter of 1663 that Williams secured from King Charles II, depicted on the upper left hand corner of the document. The Charter was the first to guarantee a separation between the Church and the government.