Reading Mary Williams at Roger Williams University

Associate Professor of History at Roger Williams University Dr. Charlotte Carrington-Farmer challenged her students in her class on Reading Mary Williams to both transcribe Old English handwriting and to practice it in one of her final classrooms of the semester. Click here for a 26-minute video of portions of the class held on May 6, 2022. Click here for the Facebook page.

National Archives staff member and author Dr. Julie Fisher led the class in a transcription exercise where students had to correctly read a 17th century recipe for pickled mutton and cow-cumbers.

National Park Service Ranger John McNiff shows Rhode Island Historical Society Registrar a copy of the original land deed for Providence written by Roger Williams and then guides several of the students in an exercise in using a quill pen.

Professor Carrington-Farmer engages students in a poster session in which they choose to describe various aspects of Mary Williams, Roger Williams’ wife. Click here for photos and video of a similar class held in 2018.