Rally to change the Massachusetts flag and seal

(Above) Massachusetts Senator Jason Lewis of the 5th Middlesex District speaks in support of legislation to change the state flag and seal and to ban Native American mascots in schools at a July 16, 2020 rally in front of the State House. Click here for a 28-minute video of the rally.


(Above) The rally began with a welcome by Massachusetts Tribal Sagamore Faries Gray and included remarks by Senator Jo Comerford of Hampshire, Franklin and Worcester in support of eliminating the racist colonial elements of the flag that refer to the subjugation of Indigenous people.


(Above) State Representative Lindsay Sabadosa of Hampshire County speaks just before North American Indian Center of Boston Board President Jean-Luc Pierite introduces Youth Program Coordinator Gina Alkiewicz who speaks of her own awakening to her treatment as a Native person, stating “my people are not your mascot.”


(Above) Students from Pentucket Regional High School came to protest the use of the word “Sachem” as their school mascot while students from North Quincy High School protest the use of the Yakoo mascot.


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Click here for a 28-minute video of the rally.

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