Procter & Gamble volunteers spend a day of service in Sowams

Eighty-four volunteers from Procter & Gamble Native American Network sites across the United States assembled at Mt. Hope Farm on July 28, 2022 for a day of service cleaning and clearing a number of sites throughout Sowams. Click here for a 40-minute video of the Sagamore’s remarks; click here for an 8-minute video of the work at three sites; and click here for a 5-minute video of the closing session.

(Above) The volunteers gathered in the barn at Mt. Hope Farm to hear the Sagamore Winds of Thunder talk about the history of the Pokanoket Tribe and the Sachem Hawk Edmonds deliver a tobacco prayer in his native language. Volunteer organizer Shaun Howard, in the yellow shirt on the right, sends the teams out for the day to work at the different sites.

(Above) The crew from St. Louis listens as Tim Johnson, whose property includes the north half of King’s Rock, tells them how he wants the brush covering the rock to be removed so it can be seen.

(Above) Nearby neighbor, Keith Morton, instructs the crew on clearing the area around Margaret’s Rock and Cave and then explains some of the history of the Rock that is thought to have sheltered Roger Williams in 1636 when he came there after being exiled from Salem in order to meet with the Massasoit Ousamequin.

(Above) Another crew cleaned up the space around the Seat of Metacom on Potumtuk, the sacred mountain at Mt. Hope. At the end of the day, the volunteers assembled back at the barn for a friendship dance led by Sachem Dancing Star (at the right in the center photo) to the beat of the tribal drum.