Pokanokets and Pilgrims presentation at Watchemoket Square Day in East Providence


East Providence Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Laura McNamara introduces Dr. David Weed at the first event of the Watchemoket Square Day in the Tockwotton Theatre.


Dr. Weed gave a 45-minute talk about the relationship between the Pokanoket Tribe and the English Pilgrims during the 17th century that supported half a century of peace.  Click here for a 38-minute video of his presentation.


Weed talked about the differing world views of the Pokanokets in the 17th century and then introduced the audience to the Pokanoket Tribe today.


Following the presentation, East Providence Historical Society Co-President Cheryl Faria introduces her husband, Jeff, who is dressed as 18th century Benjamin Thompson or Count Rumford for whom the Rumford Chemical Works in East Providence was named.

Click here for a 38-minute video of Dr, Weed’s presentation.