Pokanokets and Nipmucs present to students at the Whiteknact Elementary School

Members of the Pokanoket and Nipmuc Tribes gave an hour-long presentation of their history and culture to upper grade students at the Whiteknact Elementary School in East Providence, RI on December 19, 2022. The Pokanokets were invited by School Librarian Karen Cahir, who is a member of the Nipmuc Tribe, and who participated in the program. Click here for a 17-minute video of the event.

(Above) Pokanoket Sagamore William “Winds of Thunder” Guy welcomed students along with Sachem Tracey “Dancing Star” Brown who then introduced the Heartbeat of the Pokanoket Drummers at the opening of the event.

(Above) Student stand respectfully as Harry “Hawk” Edmonds delivers a sacred tobacco prayer in his Algonquin language and in English before Dancing Star, with the face paintings of an elder, tells several stories and leads the students in a water song as Mrs. Cahir listens in the background.

(Above) Students follow along with the water song and then watch a blanket dance performed by Mrs. Cahir and Rainbow Heart before ending with everyone dancing together around the room as the drum played.

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