The Pokanoket Tribe occupied Sowams for thousands of years prior to the arrival of the English colonists in 1620. Though they were nearly exterminated after the King Philip War, they have continued to live and thrive in the Sowams Heritage Area. Learn more about them by clicking on any of the pictures below.

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 Pokanoket Tribe Today

Sachem Dancing Star tells the story of the Three Sisters

Dancing Star at the dedication of the Pokanoket Room at RWU

Twelve educational Programs

Renewal of the Covenant Ceremony at Potumtuk

  Walk of Pnieses Ceremony at Mount Hope in Bristol

 Pokanoket Tribe at Potumtuk with Camp Wetu

 Pokanoket Tribal History

Genocide, Enslavement and Settler Colonialism of American Aboriginal People

The Pokanoket Tribe on YouTube video

  Princess Red Wing, well known Pokanoket historian

The tribes of Southern New England