Pokanoket Tribe Today

The Pokanoket Tribe is thriving today under the leadership of Sagamore William Guy (Po Wauipi Neimpaug) and consists of over three hundred members. While not all tribal members currently live in Sowams, all are closely connected and frequently attend tribal events held in the area, such as the annual Strawberry Thanksgiving Festival held in June, 2018.

Clifford (Lion Heart) Guy, Powwas (Spiritual Leader) of the Pokanoket Nation, Leon (Braveheart) Edmonds, Tribal Elder, Tribal Council Member Deborah Running Deer Afdasta, Sachem Harry Edwards, Sagamore William Guy, and Council Treasurer Pete (Straight Arrow) Smith pose for a picture following a Council meeting. Not pictured is Council Secretary and Storyteller Tracey (Dancing Star) Brown.


Sagamore William Guy (Po Wauipi Neimpaug) welcomes participants in the annual Strawberry Thanksgiving held on the grounds of Mount Hope Farm just below Mount Hope and the King Philip Seat.


Participants, including Tribal Council Member Pete Straight Arrow Smith,  gather in one of the tents to enjoy a meal that includes freshly harvested strawberries.


Lee (Braveheart) Edwards and his brother Harry Edwards (right) perform a traditional dance while other members drum in a tribal regalia before he invites  others to join him.

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