Pokanoket Tribe renews the Covenant at Potumtuk

Members of the Pokanoket Tribe gathered at Potumtuk, the name for Mount Hope and King Philip’s Seat in Bristol, RI. for its annual Renewal of the Covenant Ceremony on March 17, 2019.

Click here for a four-minute video.

Sagamore Po Wauipi Neimpaug, William Guy, leads the preparations for the ceremony as Medicine Man Roger “Gray Fox” Desrosiers prays.

Harry Edmonds is smudged by Gray Fox to cleanse him before the ceremony while others sprinkle tobacco on the tribal drum to bless the drumming songs.

The Sagamore explains the ceremony before it begins and invites a young boy to come up where he will shoot an arrow into the sky during the ceremony.

Brothers Lee and Harry Edmonds talk in front of King Philip’s Seat while Sachem Po Pummukaonk Anoggs (Tracy “Dancing Star” Brown) poses for a photo.


The drumming continues until the end of the ceremony when everyone gathers at the barn for a collation.

Click here for a four-minute video.