Pokanoket Tribe presents their culture at the Mt. Hope Farm Spring Fest

Pokanoket Sagamore Winds of Thunder explains the history of the Tribe to Joan and Nancy Gamelin of Barrington at the annual Spring Fest held by Mount Hope Farm on May 13, 2023. The Tribe offered drumming and a display of artifacts at the three-hour event held next to the Seat of the Massasoit where the Tribe holds its sacred ceremonies. Click here for a 14-minute video of the event.

The Sagamore (above, left) talks about the history of the Tribe to Donna Janario of Bristol while Sachem Dancing Star (above, right) explains some of the artifacts. Tribal drummers (above, center) perform one of many traditional songs.

(Above, left) Pokanoket member Otis Weeden from Newport is greeted when he arrives. (Above, center) Tiverton Historical Society President Caroline Wilkie Wordell is greeted by Snowy Owl. (Above, right) Hawk Edmonds describes a coyote skin made into a quiver for arrows.

Brave Heart Edmonds (above, left) shares some of the history while Sachem Dancing Star shows some antlers to Aspasia and Sotos Bakolas (above, center) from Boston, and Otis Weeden (above, right) dances.