Pokanoket Tribe celebrates Strawberry Moon Thanksgiving for the first time in two years

After being unable to gather over the past two years because of Covid-10, members of the Pokanoket Tribe finally held their traditional annual Strawberry Moon Thanksgiving on June 26, 2022 on the grounds of the Haffenreffer Museum in Bristol, RI. Click here for an 8-minute video of the gathering.

Sachem Tracey “Dancing Star” Brown called all of the veteran members to the circle to display the colors and open the event on a warm summer Sunday afternoon after Roger “Gray Fox” Desrosiers (above, right) smudges the flags.

Darlene “Mourning Star” Spencer displayed an amazing head dress that she fashioned from shells and feathers while Kathryn “She Walks with the Wind” Morrison-Hewson, and her children Chatting Turtle and Summer Rain look on.

Dana Voss (above, left) joins the Eastern Medicine Singers as they drum after Coy “Listening Wind” Bethune and Richard “Snowy Owl” Gosselin (above, right) drum on the Heartbeat of the Pokanoket during the afternoon.

Everyone help themselves to a fabulous pot luck lunch in the Haffenreffer conference center as the Sagamore Bill “Winds of Thunder” (above, right) and others wait in line to join them.