Pokanoket Tribe at Potumtuk with Camp Wetu

Several times during the summer, members of the Pokanoket Tribe gather at King Philip’s Seat at Potumtuk (Mount Hope) to talk to children from Camp Wetu at the nearby Mount Farm.

Po Wauipi Neimpaug, or William Guy, Sagamore, or Chief, of the Pokanoket Nation, presides over the gathering from King Philip’s Seat, a natural quartz outcropping near the top of the mountain.


Roger “Gray Fox” Desrosiers passes tobacco smoke over Barefoot before the Sagamore greets campers as they arrive from Mount Hope Farm.


Lee (Braveheart) Edwards offers a tobacco prayer during the opening ceremony before the Sagamore begins his talk from the Seat.


Barefoot stands next to this grandfather, “Braveheart”, as they listen to the Sagamore tell the history of the Tribe.


The Sagamore listens as Gray Fox shows the children the many items from Native culture that they have displayed on the table.


Barefoot shows the children items that he brought with him before the group engages in a friendship circle dance to close the session.

Click here for an 11-minute video of the tribe member introductions and a tobacco prayer.

Click here for a 13-minute video of the Sagamore’s talk.