Pokanoket Strawberry Moon Thanksgiving at Mt. Hope Farm

Over three hundred members of the Pokanoket Tribe and guests came together on June 23, 2019 at Cove Cabin on Mt. Hope Farm in Bristol, RI, to celebrate the annual Strawberry Moon Thanksgiving. Click here for a six-minute video of the event.


(Above) Tribal Sachem Dancing Star introduces her father, the Tribe’s Sagamore, Winds of Thunder, to welcome the crowd.


(Above) The Sagamore introduces the chiefs of many of the tribes who are part of the Federation of Aboriginal Nations of the Americas (FANA) before Mourning Dove sings a traditional song to the accompaniment of the tribal drum.


(Above) Narragansett Tribe members Sleeping Wolf and Running Water help themselves to the food, which, of course, includes strawberry shortcake.


(Above) Veteran tribe members carry in the colors at the beginning of the dancing while some of the women watch.


(Above) Dancers, including 80-year old Hawk, right, join in traditional dances to the drumming of both the Pokanoket drum and that of the Eastern Medicine Singers.

Click here for a six-minute video of the event.