Plymouth Colony Architecture 1620 to 1690: From the Ground and the Books

Join archaeologist Craig Chartier for a fascinating look at 17th-century houses in Plymouth Colony in this online talk, sponsored by the Alden Kindred of America and recorded on January 19, 2024. Archaeology has shed light on what houses like John and Priscilla’s “First Site” home really looked like. Click here for the 70-minute YouTube video of his presentation.

When interest in the Pilgrims began in the 19th century, no one knew what their houses looked like. This led early researchers to draw on what they knew from standing structures such as the Aptucxet Trading Post on Cape Cod.

Chartier’s talk explores how Pilgrim structures have been interpreted with a special emphasis on archaeological findings and historical gleanings from the past quarter century.

Chartier has worked on sites that range from Paleoindian to an early 20th-century cemetery. His specialties are bone analysis, the seventeenth century and public education.