Plymouth Antiquarian Society offers a virtual tour Plymouth holidays

How did Plymoutheans celebrate Election Day, Forefathers Day, and other holidays in the 18th and 19th centuries? Explore local traditions on a guided tour by the Plymouth Antiquarian Society’s Executive Director, Dr. Anne Mason. Livestreamed via Facebook on December 5, 2020 in this 57-minute video.


(Above) Dr. Mason begins her tour with stops at the William Bradford burial site on Burial Hill overlooking the Town of Plymouth and at the burial site of Isaac and Thomas Lothrop who founded the Old Colony Club.

(Above) Later in the video, Dr. Mason tells a story of the Thanksgiving tradition in the Malaciah, Ebenezer and Deborah Drew family in early Plymouth before moving on to the  Oak Grove Cemetery a mile to the west of Burial Hill to visit the grave of Laura Russell who wrote a memoir of Thanksgiving in Plymouth.

(Above) Dr. Mason (pictured right) describes an 1858 print by Winslow Homer of “Husking the Corn” that illustrated some of the social gatherings at the time.