Pereguine White: 1st Englishman born in New England

Stephen C. O’Neill, Executive Director of the Hanover Historical Society, explores the life of Peregrine White, the first Englishman born in New England, in this hour-long presentation by the Pilgrim Hall Museum and Plymouth Antiquarian Society. Click here for the video of his talk.

O’Neill begins by relating how While was born aboard the Mayflower on November 20th, 1620, to William and Susanna White. William dies in February, 1621, and Susanna then marries Edward Winslow on May 12 after he lost his wife, Elizabeth, on March 24. The cradle that Susanna used (seen below) is on display in the Pilgrim Hall Museum.

Winslow (seen below, right) established formal relations with the Massasoit Ousamequin of the Pokanoket Tribe in March 1621. An c. 1890 photo of Burial Hill in Plymouth, MA does not contain the graves of Edward, Susannah or Perigrine as Edward died at sea in 1655 and Susannah and Perigrine are buried in the Winslow cemetery in Marshfield.

Below is a map and painting of Pergrine’s house in Marshfield near the South River.