Paul Cote leads family members and Meetup group to Abram’s Rock in Swansea

Local historian and Bristol Community College faculty member Paul Cote conducted a four corners blessing at the top of Abram’s Rock in Village Park behind the Swansea Town Hall.on November 3, 2019.  Click here for a 14-minute video of the walk.


Starting at Village Park behind the Swansea Town Hall and Library, Paul led a group of 27 to Abram’s Rock, a large conglomerate stone outcropping in the woods.


Walkers traversed the trails before climbing the back side of Abram’s Rock which stands more than thirty feet above the surrounding forest.


Paul Cote told the story that Orrin Gardner wrote “The most familiar legend handed on to us about Abram’s Rock is that he was a poor Indian who had deserted his tribe, coming to this settlement where he made his living in peace. But King Philip of the Pokanokets decided to take Abram back, fearing his friendship for the white man. Abram found this towering rock as a hiding place. On the west side is a room formed by boulders. It is still called ‘Abram’s Bedroom’ — after 300 years. He is said to have lived there for several months, til tracked down and captured. He was given a chance for his life. The sentence was death or three leaps from the top of the rock to the ground below. Abram took the chance, and tradition says that his first and second leaps from the towering rock were safely made, but the third jump killed him.”  Two inscriptions on the rock are outlined on the right.


The group then walked to the top of Wildcat Rock neaby, Lewin’s Pond about a half mile away, and back to complete the three-mile route.

Click here for a 14-minute video of the walk.

Click here for another description of Abram’s Rock