Partnership of Historic Bostons visits the Sowams Heritage Area

Several of the leaders of the Partnership of Historic Bostons had the opportunity to visit a number of sites in the Sowams Heritage Area on a trip they took from Boston on August 27, 2022. Pictured left to right above are Will Holton, Sarah Stewart, John Morrison, and Fred Meyer with Sowams Heritage Area Coordinator Dave Weed. The Partnership of Historic Bostons was founded in 1999 as a non-profit partnership between people in Boston, Massachusetts, and Boston, Lincolnshire, in England, to highlight the often forgotten history of the two Bostons.

(Above left and center) John Morrison prepares to photograph the marker at the Massasoit Spring in Warren, after he and Sarah Stewart read the marker at Mt. Hope Farm. (Above right) Sarah and Fred Meyer read the tablet about Ann Hutchinson at the Founders’ Brook site in nearby Portsmouth, RI.

(Above) Fred walks near the Seat of Metacom at Mt. Hope as Sarah talks to John and Will about the spiritual significance that the site must have had for the Pokanoket Tribe. (Above right) Fred and John photograph Kings Rock, once called the “National Grinding Stone” at Sachem’s Knoll on the Warren-Swansea border located not far from Margaret’s Cave.

(Above left) Sarah looks over the stones at Massasoit Park in Warren that are decorated with Native symbols. (Above center and right) Sarah and Fred look at the marker for the Myles Garrison and the first Baptist Church at Nockum Hill in Barrington.