Osamequin Trails

Massasoit Ousamequin, Chief of the Pokanoket tribe in the 17th century until 1661, lived in Sowams, an area that extended from what is today Providence to Bristol, RI. The Osamequin Nature Trails give people a chance to see what a portion of Sowams may have looked like 400 years ago while appreciating the natural beauty of the area.


The trail lies along the Wampanoag Trail, Route 114 that runs through Barrington and East Providence. The area was purchased in the 1960s through the Green Acres Program.


There is an extensive trail system that leads to views of hundred acre cove and nearby marshlands. There are benches placed throughout for those who need to sit


The area was noted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to be one of the 50 most important coastal marshes between Long Island and Cape Cod.


The trail is open everyday throughout the year. Parking for a dozen cars is located on the northbound side of Route 114.

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Parking is available for a dozen cars at the trail head along Wampanoag Trail (Route 114) northbound.