Osamequin Nature Trail marker unveiled in Barrington, RI

A new historic marker was unveiled on May 16, 2023 at the entrance to the Osamequin Nature Trail and Bird Sanctuary on the Wampanoag Trail in Barrington . The event was organized to thank the people who were instrumental in making the marker possible. Click here for a nine-minute video of the unveiling. Click here for the coverage in the Barrington Times.

(Above) Sowams Heritage Area Project Coordinator David Weed welcomed the group for a photo before graphic designer Karen Dionne and Pokanoket Sachem Dancing Star uncovered the marker. Todd Blount, President of Blount Fine Foods, and Sagamore Winds of Thunder stand behind the two of them them for the photo.

(Above) Former Barrington Town Councilor Jacob Brier thanked the Council for their unanimous support of the project before the Sachem expressed her appreciation for a marker that recounts the history of the Pokanoket Tribe who inhabited the land for thousands of years before Europeans arrived in 1620.

(Above) Rev. Racquel Ray, Associate Pastor of the Congregational Church in Barrington, offered the Sagamore and the Sachem a gift of flowers an eagle feather following the event.