Osamequin Farm in Seekonk named for the Massasoit

Osamequin Farm’s name comes from the “great leader,” Massosoit Ousamequin of the Pokanoket nation (anglicized from “Pauquunaukit,” meaning “land at the clearing”). The Pokanoket are the First People of the land of Sowams, known today as the towns of Seekonk, Rehoboth, Swansea, Bristol, Warren, Barrington, and East Providence.


The Farm’s mission is to share the historic land of Osamequin Farm by hosting a cooperative of small scale farmers, public gatherings, and educational opportunities for the community.


The farm has been in the current owner’s family for over a century, and the original farm was purchased by the Carpenter family in the mid-1600s after they moved to Rehoboth from Weymouth in 1645.


(Above) Sarah Turkus serves as the Director of the farm, a non-profit anchored by Board Directors Andrew and Stephen Jencks, whose family has stewarded Osamequin Farm since the early 1900s. (Above, right) Aerial views of the Farm show that only a portion of the land has been cleared for cultivation. Click here fore a 30-second video.