Nockum Hill Cemetery

Nokum Hill is the site of the earliest burial ground in Barrington, RI containing graves of English settlers who settled the area in the 17th Century and fought in the King Philip War. The cemetery was part of the Baptist Church that was located nearby in 1663.


A 1/4 mile trail leads to the burial ground from an entrance on Warren Ave marked by a chain between two posts and a Rhode Island Historical Cemetery sign. The path runs to the right of a private house at 671 Warren Avenue, Swansea.


One Hundred Acre Cove, the only home of the diamondback terrapin in RI, is easily visible.


A gate marks the entrance to the Doug Rayner Wildlife Sanctuary which is open to the public.

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The cemetery is located off of Warren Avenue in Swansea at telephone pole #33 and is marked only by a chain across the entrance to prohibit vehicles from entering. Parking is difficult. The path leading to the cemetery to the right of house #671 is accessible to the public and leads about 100 yards to the entrance to the cemetery which is in Barrington. The1663 Swansea Baptist Church marker and the entrance to the Doug Rayner Wildlife Sanctuary are easily accessed at the end of George Street near Four Town Farm.