Native and English spirituality compared in Bosworth Lecture

Sowams Heritage Area Project Coordinator Dr. David Weed was invited to give a Bosworth Lecture at St. Michael’s Church in Bristol on November 10, 2021. Click here for DeWolf Fulton’s introduction of Dr. Weed. Click here to download the full text of Dr. Weed’s remarks.

Members of the audience, including Sue and Merritt Meyer (left), Ray Payson (center) and Keith Maloney and Dr. Ed Iannuccilli (right), gather before organizer DeWolf Fulton begins with a welcome and a reading from Bishop Mark Anthony DeWolf Howe’s1880 poem on Bristol. The poem praises the Pokanoket people and decries their erasure from the Bristol peninsula. Click here for a copy of the Poem.

Dr. Weed takes questions from the audience following his remarks and called upon several members of the Pokanoket Tribe (pictured, right) in attendance to explain how “Wampanaog” began being used to identify the Pokanoket people following the King Philip War.