Native American Voices and Culture at the Mixed Magic Theatre

Over twenty people, many from the Pokanoket Tribe, joined in a celebration of Native American Heritage Month on November 21, 2021 at the Mixed Magic Theatre in Pawtucket, RI. Click here for a one-hour video of the event.

(Above, left) Elsie “Sunflower” Morrison and her brother, Grey Squerel, are shown in a photograph, part of a collection of family photos on display at the event. (Above, right) Sunflower points out some of the items that she brought to the event.

(Above) Mixed Magic Theater co-founder Bernadet Pitts-Wiley welcomes the presenters to an hour-long program of drumming, dancing, song and spoken word telling the story of the Pokanoket people.

(Above, left) Some of the women rehearse a blanket dance that they later performed as part of the event that symbolizes a woman’s vitality, wisdom, and strength and tells the story of how a woman changes throughout her life. (Above, right) Kathryn “She Walks with the Wind” Morrison-Hewson participates in the dance.

(Above) Sunflower, She Walks with the Wind, Green Leaf, Evergreen and Many Feathers take part in a conversation with the audience following the performances.