Native American Month celebrated at East Providence City Hall

Patricia “Gentle Rain” Booker and Carole “Little Meadow” Brown sing a traditional song at the Native American Heritage Month Celebration held at the East Providence City Hall on November 15, 2021. Click here for a 43-minute video by Mayor DaSilva. Click here for a seven-minute video of the event by Charles Hartman. Click here for a web page and video link of the event held in 2019.

The event began with greetings and a Tobacco Prayer by Harry The Hawk Quanunon Edmonds as the audience and Mayor Bob DaSilva listen.

Po Wauipi Neimpaug, Winds of Thunder (William Guy), Sagamore of the Pokanoket Nation; Sachem Po Pummukoank Anogqs, “Dancing Star” (Tracey Brown); and Chief Darrell Waldren of the Seaconke Tribe speak.

Gentle Rain shows a photo of her daughter as she talks about her family before presenting a gift to Mayor Bob DaSilva. Hawk, Gentle Rain and Little Feather pose in front of a display of Pokanoket items that they set up in the City Hall lobby on November 12th.