Native American Heritage Month program at the East Providence City Hall

(Above) The Heartbeat of the Pokanoket Tribe opens with  Azabache Wooni, a song of praise to the Creator at the opening of Native American Heritage Day at the East Providence City Hall on November 16, 2022. Click here for a 5-minute video of the opening and closing drumming.

(Above) East Providence Mayor Roberto DaSilva welcomes the Pokanoket and Seakonke Tribes to the event and gives Seakonke Tribe Member Carole “Little Meadow” Brown a signed proposal to create a cultural center in East Providence that will feature Native and immigrant groups living in the City. Affirmative Action/EEO Officer Elmer Pina listens to an opening tobacco prayer by Sachem Harry “Hawk” Edmonds before opening the program. Click here for a 3-minute video of the Mayor’s remarks, and click here for a 4-minute video of the tobacco prayer.

(Above) Dr. William “Winds of Thunder” Guy, Sagamore of the Pokanoket Tribe/Pokanoket Nation, relates some of the history of the Tribe before Sachem Tracey “Dancing Star” Brown tells three Tribal stories and then joins Heart Full of Prayer and Mourning Dove in song. Click here for a 16-minute of the Sagamore’s remarks and here for a 17-minute video of the Tribal stories and songs.

(Above) Rhode Island Indian Council Executive Director Darrell Waldron talks about the current work of Indigenous tribes across the nation, before Gentle Rain and Singing Dove offer two more songs before the Heartbeat of the Pokanoket Drum finishes with the closing song. Click here for an 18-minute video of Director Waldron’s remarks and here for a 5-minute video of the closing songs.